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Millet new first exposure: MediaTek USB-C processor interface

Release date:2015-08-18Click:13399Publisher:admin

        Phoenix digital hearing April 21, according to IT168 reports, the Great God broke the news on Twitterupleaks recent exposure of a new machine millet, this code-named "CM865" of the new carrying MediaTek MT6795 processor, and built-Based Android 5.0 MIUI system, and will be used and the latest MacBook same USB Type-C interface.

Millet new machine first exposure
Recently, @ upleaks millet exposure of a new machine. According to the said aircraft, code-named "CM865", will be powered by MediaTek latest Heli X10 MT6795 processor, with 64 eight-core Cortex-A53, clocked at up to 2.2GHz. Meanwhile, GPU new machine incorporates PowerVR G6200, a mobile network supports up to LTE Cat.4. MediaTek said Heli X10 MT6795 processor, in fact, in the music, as shortly before the conference, it was the first time appeared in public before. The music, as this processor is equipped with a super phone, and prices have been down to 1499 yuan entry file.The millet phone currently on sale, the shows MediaTek processor equipped mobile phones just red rice product line, inferred, @ upleak the exposure of the new machine will also be a red rice model. The red rice according to brand positioning, price of the aircraft will not be too expensive, at least better than music, as the super phone a lot cheaper.

Millet new machine will use use USB Type-C Interface
In additionupleaks also said that this new machine will be directly mounted on the MIUI Android 5.0 operating system. While also using USB Type-C interface. It is understood that since Apple's first high-profile use USB Type-C after this interface to instantly become the industry darling, music, as is the best example.

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